Indoor Growing Infrastructure Specialists

Optimal indoor growing requires the right infrastructure – up to 80% of the cost of growing is energy.  Energy efficient optimally controlled growing environments are not optional – they’re a must.

We provide a holistic solution, end-to-end, for all your agriculture needs. From energy sourcing and utilities to building distribution system and controls, we have you covered.

We’ve harnessed our backgrounds in Engineering and Net Zero Energy Infrastructure and applied it to developing new, resilient, cost-effective and low operating cost facilities.

Our goal is simple – provide turn-key energy and infrastructure solutions which optimise environments, maximise yields, reduce operating costs and expedite startup with cost certainty.

At the Forefront of the Next Agricultural Revolution

In the future, there will be a shortage of arable land in many parts of the world, and to sustainably feed a growing world population, an agricultural revolution will need to happen. We believe plant factories and vertical farming will be one of the primary keys to a stable and reliable supply of food.

We have taken strides to be at the forefront of this emerging critical industry and have a strategy in motion to bring cutting-edge research, resources, and technology and apply it worldwide. The goal – to set the gold standard in Closed Plant Production Systems (CPPS)


Our Current Target Market – Cannabis

Our current focus is the cannabis market –  there is a strong and immediate need globally for proper indoor plant growing infrastructure.

We are currently assisting established licensed producers in the development of new or retrofit existing grow facilities and supporting energy infrastructure, as well as the development of proprietary growing infrastructure solutions. Our core offering is to provide development expertise in building engineering, controls and energy systems for current and proposed needs.

As the cannabis market matures, we will take everything that we learned, researched and developed with our partners in the cannabis industry, as well as the exposure and experience, and fully apply it to the broader agricultural sector, specifically in optimally controlled growing environments.


When you’re ready to take your operation to the next level with our tools, knowledge, experience and people – give us a shout.  We’ll arrange a meeting to understand your needs, terms and time-frame.